Veganism and Animal Rights: How Your Diet Affects the Lives of Animals

While there are clear environmental and health benefits to veganism, the most compelling argument for removing animal products from your diet is ultimately an ethical one. Animals — yes, even fish — are complex creatures that are fully capable of experiencing pain and joy. The farm animal industry would certainly like us to ignore this […]

The Mentality of Meat

I don’t think of animals raised for meat as individuals. I wouldn’t be able to do my job if I got that personal with them. When you say “individuals,” you mean as a unique person, as a unique thing with its own name and its own characteristics, its own little games it plays? Yeah? Yeah, […]

Second Nature: The Coming Revolution in the Human-Animal Relationship

The foundation for ethics is sentience – the capacity for an organism to feel pains and pleasures. Through most of recorded history, humans have given little thought to the ethical implications of animal sentience. Animals have been, and for the most part continue to be, looked upon merely as things for us to use. If […]

You Care More About Animals Than You Do About People

“You care more about animals than you do about people.” Advocates for animals hear this often, slung at us as though we’re traitors, defectors to our tribe of humans – allowing our fellow man to languish and suffer while we tend to the needs of mere animals. Let’s set aside for a moment the question […]