Vegan Living

Grocery Hacks: Money-Saving Tips for a Hearty Vegan or Plant-Based Diet

One complaint people have about removing animals from their diet — and one reason some people don’t adopt a vegan lifestyle — is the perceived higher cost. However, going vegan doesn’t have to mean spending more on expensive, trendy health food items. It’s easy to turn simple grains and beans, along with fresh fruits and […]

Making The Most of Consumer Action

Don’t be too surprised if you discover animal-derived ingredients in products labeled “no animal ingredients!” Before jumping to conclusions that the manufacturer is trying to deceive you, consider the possibility that the company might not even realize that the ingredient in question came from an animal. Or, perhaps its origin is known, but the manufacturer […]

Why Avoid Hidden Animal Ingredients?

Decades ago, going vegetarian was viewed by many as somewhat weird behavior. Today, as our society is finally starting to recognize the benefits of vegetarianism, proclaiming that one is giving up meat may actually be met with approval. But what if we start scrutinizing the labels of everyday products for hidden animal-derived ingredients? You might […]

Are You Unknowingly Purchasing Slaughterhouse Products?

Scanning labels is a ritual for conscientious consumers. It’s not unlike a yearly physical exam where we’re looking for things we hope not to find. Foods and personal care may include unwanted additives, allergens, or animal ingredients. What many people may be unaware of, however, is the vast number of animal ingredients HIDDEN in everyday […]