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Christine Waltermyer, founder and director of the Natural Kitchen Cooking School, shows why nothing can equal the flavors of fresh, seasonal, local and organic ingredients to make a meal that’s luscious and satisfying. And one that delivers more nutritional bang for your buck with more vitamins and minerals and no chemical residues.

This style of cooking empowers readers with the skills and knowledge to create radiant health. And with chapters such as Noodlemania, Casserole City, and Great Bowls of Fire, Ballads for Salads, Radiant Grains, and Don’€™t Peek, I’€™m Dressing, fun is back in the kitchen. Meals are designed drawing from a rainbow of colors that represent the entire plant kingdom.

Readers also learn about which whole foods are natural beauty aids that promote shiny hair, clear skin, strong nails, and boost your metabolism.


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