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Jennifer is a thirty-four-year-old bank manager. She’s managed her education, her career, her finances–and her customers’ money–she can’t seem to handle this darn little chocolate in a shiny wrapper. . .
Whether you’re drawn to chocolate, cookies, potato chips, cheese, or burgers and fries, we all have foods we can’t seem to resist–foods that sabotage our best efforts to lose weight and improve our health.
These foods are winning the battle–but that’s because we’re fighting it in the wrong place. As physician and leading health researcher Dr. Neal Barnard explains in this groundbreaking book, banishing these cravings is not a question of willpower or psychology–it’s a question of biochemistry.
Based on the author’s research and that of other leading investigators at major universities, Breaking the Food Seduction reveals the diet and lifestyle changes that can break these stubborn craving cycles. Using everyday examples, questionnaires, and practical tips, the book delivers:
– Fascinating new insights into the chemical reasons behind your cravings
– Seven simple steps to break craving cycles and tame your appetite
– Important advice for kids’ sugar cravings and how to halt them
– A three-week kick-start program
– One hundred delicious, satisfying recipes that help your body break the spell of problem foods and put you on the path to weight loss, better health, and greater well-being
This accessible and practical book is essential reading for anyone who wants to lose weight, lower cholesterol, feel more energetic, and get control of their health once and for all. (hardcover)


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